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VIDAspheresTM beadlets are the latest delivery system in nutraceuticals.
We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative concepts and delivery technologies.

  • We use liquid-filled capsules and our special VIDAspheres™ with Multi-Dosing™ Technology.
  • These special delivery systems make sure your finished product has a time-released characteristic.
    VIDAspheresTM beadlets are sold in bulk or utilized in liquid-filled or dry capsules (vegan/HPMC or hard gelatin).
    Benefits of VIDAspheresTM:

    • Greater bio-availability and absorption
    • Unique and marketable delivery system
    • Can be used in dry or liquid applications
    • Actual size of VIDAspheresTM is customizable
    • Improved appearance with wide coloration options
    • Incompatible bio-active ingredients can be delivered simultaneously
    • Immediate, extended or controlled release of the targeted ingredient
    • Use of herb extracts, vitamins, mineral and other nutra/pharmaceutical applications


    Popular VIDAspheresTM beadlets

    Curcumin Probiotics Caffeine
    Vitamin B Complex Ginger Iron
    Garlic Capsicum Neem
    Vitamin D3 Shilajit DHA
    Green Tea Folic Acid Green Coffee Bean
    Piperine Ashwagandha Spirulina
    Ginseng Multi-Vitamin Gingko Biloba
    Fenugreek Vitamin C Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM

    We do custom formulation. Click here to contact us.


    Beadlets in capsules

    Beadlets in capsules

    Beadlets inside capsule
    Beadlets in liquid filled capsules

    Beadlets in liquid filled capsules

    Beadlets in liquid filled capsules